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Richmond City FC is a certified non-profit organization with a mission of promoting amateur football/soccer in the Richmond area, as well as giving back to the local community.
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Division 2 team (Spring 2010)

This Spring, the RCFC Men's Masters team will compete in CVSA division 2

The team placed 2nd in Fall 2009 (and won in Spring 2009).

Winning team, Spring 2009

Back row (L-to-R): Mike Nieto, Tim Bakker, Tolik Anatoly, Alex Ozik, Andy Marr, Roger Smith, Jeff Norrgard
Back row (L-to-R): Luke Marzaloes, Matt Schaefer, Chip Voglewede, Frank Fulco, Dmitriy Verkhozin, Joe Herring.
Missing: Alex Ortega, Scott Goodman, Stuart Gapper, Micah Wood, Christian Falyar, John French, Rob Galgano, Rick Wood


Roster Fall 2009

Roster from Fall 2009  

1. Greg Purnell

2. Chris Kvetensky

3. Nick Dellinger

4. Dan Diver

5. Jeff Slocum

6. Chip Voglewede

7. Tim Bakker

8. Matt Schaefer

9. Rob Galgano

10. Andy Marr

11. Frank Fulco

12. Micah Wood

13 Jeff Norrgard

14. Stuart Gapper

15. Aleksandr Ozik


16. Lobov Anatoly


17. John French

18. Joe Herring

19. Alex Ortega

20. Roger Smith