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Richmond City FC is a certified non-profit organization with a mission of promoting amateur football/soccer in the Richmond area, as well as giving back to the local community.
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Men's Open team (Fall 2008)

RCFC's Open team plays in division 1 of CVSA league in Richmond, Virginia. In spring 2008, the team finished runners-up.

Team photo from Fall 2007.
Back, left-to-right: Andy Marr, Rick Wood, Mike Hundley (manager), Phillip Noakes, Chris Kvetensky, Gonzalo Bearman, Shaun Peace, Russell Miller, Daryl Grove, Jaye Lewis
Front, left-to-right: David Hunsucker, Sam, Eric Scott, Scott Broaddus, Ben Allen, Frank Fulco, Ian MacDonald



    Payments received
1. Eskil Johnsen


2. Philip Noakes


3. Justin Regan

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4. Gonzalo Bearman


5. Jaye Lewis

6. Justin Benabdallah

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7. Mike Osei

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8. Roger Smith



9. Matt Marable


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10. Daryl Grove



11. Sean Samuel


12. Shaun Peace  
13. Sam Na  
14. Scott Broaddus  
15. Joel Abe  
16. Shawn Greenwood  
17. Dan Diver  
18. Matt Gilbert  
19. Taylor Rockwell  
20. Alex Ortega