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Richmond City FC is a certified non-profit organization with a mission of promoting amateur football/soccer in the Richmond area, as well as giving back to the local community.
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RCFC runners-up in final

Thursday, March 9

City's men's 30+ indoor team are runners-up in the RISE Indoor 30+ final for winter 2006. RCFC won a place in the final by coming from behind to defeat Real Madrid in the previous week's semi-final. City faced Coerver in the final on 8th March, and although City had beaten them earlier in the season, Coerver took the top spot with City as runners-up.

Men's 30+ runners-up, winter 2006

Back, L-to-R: Andy marr (captain), Drew "Gazza Belcher, Gonzalo "G-man" Bearman, Rick Wood, Brian Phillips, Mahlon Moore.
Front, L-to-R: Todd "T-Rex" Ratner, Rik "Silver fox" Taylor, Jaye Lewis, Frank Fulco, Christian "Rott" Falyar.