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Richmond City FC is a certified non-profit organization with a mission of promoting amateur football/soccer in the Richmond area, as well as giving back to the local community.
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Open team not playing to the Reggae beat

Monday, April 3

In a match that City dominated entirely, it was the Reggae Boyz who came out the very lucky winners, 2-1.

The spring hour change, caught out several of the Reggae Boyz (and the ref) so RCFC had the advantage in numbers at the start and it wasn't long before Roger Smith knocked the ball in from the 6 yard line.

With 1-0 at half-time and City playing downhill, they knew they had to kill the game off with some early goals. Despite the constant barrage on goal, nothing was being converted and Reggae Boyz managed to pull back, one goal, and then another.

Towards the end of the match, it always felt like City would at least score the equalizer, if not win the game.

However, the game ended 2-1, and the Reggae celebrations started